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Other General Questions / Combine two software providers?
« Last post by gentilr on October 27, 2014, 09:15:14 PM »
Hello community members. And thank you Corey for this useful site. I am a home user (not MS exchange server) and would like to sync my Outlook 2003 (I may upgrade to a newer version) with my Android and have looked at many solutions on the list. I do not wish to use a cloud service, I want to keep it local. I'd prefer to use USB but i can see i may have to sacrifice that and do wireless sync to get the features i want.

Before I proceed i'd like to ask a few clarification questions if someone knows the answers:

1. Why does NO non-exchange server solution on the list sync EVERYTHING: contacts/calendar/notes/tasks/email. There is always one or more missing.

2. What does "wireless" sync mean? Is that Infrared? Or do i have to use my laptop's wifi card. If so, that's undesirable since i keep the wifi card turned off when on a wired connection which is 95% of the time.

3. From what I can see the best option for me is to use both (for email)  AND  VC Organizer (for everything else) in order to sync ALL of my Outlook data without having stuff on the Cloud. It looks I will have to sync twice each time though, which is a minor inconvenience. Does anyone see a problem with this approach that I am missing?

4. If i start off with Outlook 2003 but then later upgrade to a newer version, will this mess up my configurations with these 3rd party providers? In other words, am i better off upgrading my Outlook FIRST?

Thank you everyone!

CompanionLink for Outlook / Re: Any serious alternative to CompanionLink
« Last post by Chawki on October 24, 2014, 02:32:09 PM »
I am trying now Sync2.

Looks OK at first glance.
CompanionLink for Outlook / Re: Any serious alternative to CompanionLink
« Last post by Chawki on October 23, 2014, 11:09:22 PM »
Thanks, CL.

I am a confirmed CL user and I guess you want me to use DejaOffice with USB or a Wifi synching to my Android.

I do not like that solution: DejaOffice contacts will not be synced with Gmail. That means my Outlook and Android will be synced not my Gmail. Not a good solution. Not a good solution either when I add a contact: will not be synched to Gmail. And not a good solution to maintain several contacts databases...

The real solution would be that CL improves its synching process to Google. I don't like DejaOffice but I love CL. However CL has become far too slow for Internet synch and frequent synching errors do occur...

CompanionLink for Outlook / Re: Any serious alternative to CompanionLink
« Last post by companionlink on October 23, 2014, 05:40:05 PM »

CL can be configured to "not" use the Internet as a method of synchronization. You can sync direct from Outlook to Android using a USB cable or your WiFi router; both options do not depend on your internet or bandwidth. Syncing 8000 records should take seconds after the first sync is made. If it is taking longer than that, there is something wrong with the configuration.

If you need help configuring CL for direct sync, we can arrange to call you. Send us an email at
CompanionLink for Outlook / Any serious alternative to CompanionLink
« Last post by Chawki on October 23, 2014, 04:05:46 PM »

I have been using CL for years, with great satisfaction.

However, with my growing contacts database (+8,000 contacts) and my move to a country with limited bandwidth and frequent Internet disruptions, synching my 8,000 contacts has turned to be a nightmare. I have not been able to perform a full sync for 15 days.

I decided then to buy and try an Outlook addin, Outlook4Gmail, which has proved to be much much faster than CL.

But I am still experiencing an issue: Outlook4Gmail does not sync well corporate Exchange-based email addresses. Their support team promised to look at the issue.

In the meanwhile, is there any similar solution to Outlook4Gmail or CL able to do their job in a reasonable lapse of time?

Other General Questions / Re: Sick and tired of CompanionLink...
« Last post by Chawki on October 23, 2014, 03:56:58 PM »

In my case, I have also stopped using CompanionLink as it takes ages to synch 8,000 contacts from scratch each time I upgrade my OS or change my computer. Have installed recently Outlook4Gmail addin. Much faster though there are still some bugs to fix
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 / Outlook contacts to Note 3
« Last post by father1 on September 13, 2014, 01:08:19 AM »
I have  Note 3 that I use for a resource for everything, including contacts.  My main contacts are contained in PC using Outlook 2013.  Security is important and the cloud transferring is not most secure.  Can someone please tell me the best hardwire program to connect my Note e to the PC to synchronize contacts?  Thanks
AkrutoSync / AkrutoSync review
« Last post by lvplm on September 04, 2014, 11:59:07 PM »
Iíve been using sync software in some form or another since the old days when I had a PalmOS handheld. (I miss that thing. Simplicity at its best!) One thing Iíve learned is that itís better to do research before selecting sync software. Itís not the kind of software you want to install and uninstall a few to try until you find the right one.

I wanted something to sync Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with my Android phone without going through the cloud. I also didnít want to use the USB to sync if I could avoid it. The other requirement is that the updates needed to be automatic. I have an iPad that I sync with iTunes, and itís a pain to hook it up to the computer to back it up. The whole process slows down my computerís performance.

Of course, all of the data must sync. No duplicates (this happened many times), no cut-off or missing information (this has happened, too). I have some long notes in the contacts and the notes. The last requirement is to sync the data with my Androidís calendar, contacts and tasks apps. Iím uptight about downloading more apps than needed because I want to keep my screen and phone clean.

I downloaded a notes app from Google Play as mine didnít come with it. AkrutoSync works with all of the Androidís apps and the notes app.

Installing AkruoSync was easy, and that was the hardest part of the whole process. Once installed, all my data stayed in sync. I never have to think about it. It just works.

The only time I need to intervene is when my computerís IP address changes (turned off computer or rebooted router). Akruto took care of it. The software figured out the IP address changed and guided me through the process, which took less than two minutes. My IP address changes once in awhile, but itís no big deal.
Other General Questions / Discontinued Listings on Syncdroid
« Last post by droidmin on April 15, 2014, 02:44:05 PM »
Over the years, many products have become unsupported.  To maintain a complete list of Outlook to Android sync software  I had continued to list these outdated and unsupported software products.  However, the list of new products has continued to grow and visitors have complained that it is difficult to find what they want because the list is so long.

To help my visitors and clean up the clutter, I am removing software from the chart at that is no longer supported.  I will list under this thread different software that is removed from the chart and provide a link to the reviews in case someone wishes to look up or know about the software and perhaps find a link that may still be in operation to the unsupported product.

gContactSynch -
Goats -
Google Calendar Sync -
Outlook Synchronization Server -
Syncroid - (this is an original side program called Syncroid and not to be confused with another program also called Syncroid, which is still supported)
myDesktop Companion - (app removed from Google Play)
Android Manager Wi-Fi -
Dell PC Suite - (deprecated by Dell)
Sony Xperia Z2 / Sync Outlook with Sony Xperia Z2
« Last post by droidmin on March 01, 2014, 07:19:37 PM »
If you need help syncing Outlook or Exchange to the Sony Xperia Z2, has a chart that lists solutions to sync Outlook calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, and email with it.  You will find what each solution syncs (calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, email), whether there is data encryption/password protection or not, how it syncs (USB, wireless, Wi-Fi, bluetooth), if it performs an autosync, the cost (many free), if it is made to support Exchange, what version of Outlook is supported, and what platform is supported (PC or Mac).  There is also a review of each software solution and a forum to read user's reviews and get help.  It's a one stop shop for help syncing an Xperia Z2 to Outlook or Exchange.
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